I was going through my bookmarks earlier and came through this. Even tho I always cry talking about this I felt like I never talked about this properly. So imma just rant my emo thoughts here about one of the best things that happend this year.
February 9th- TharnType fan meeting in BKK... This event was meant to be the last event that the whole ttts crew get together, cuz till 9th Feb there was nothing confirmed about an ss2. So the whole cast thought they wont be together like this for an event like this+
Even tho MewGulf often meet with eo for the ship-related work and they are often together in private life events even they had doubts about if they will get to work together in the future as they did for ttts again. This was confirmed by p'Mew he said this is meant to be the last
Event for the ttts team. Everyone started giving speeches, talking their hearts out for the fans and everyone was crying ATP. So its understandable that both MewGulf were emotional ATP. First Gulf started talking about how much this means to him. Cuz this was his first time+
Doing a big project but standing their in a big venue infront of so much people with so much of success just from his first project felt unreal for him. We saw how both p mew nd p mild was encouraging him. He also thanked p mew. But mostly it showed how emotional he was+
With the acceptance the fans showed him. Maybe he went through the memory lane. And then P'Mews turn came. We all know how much TTTS means to him. He was already in the industry but we all can agree to the point that ttts gave him a second birth to the industry again.
His speech showed how much emotions he felt with gratefulness. He was crying thanking everyone and all a sudden he said "let me be selfish for a while". Everyone was so surprised. We all know P'Mew is a selfless person. Who always think about others before him even it hurts+
Him in a way, he always think about others first. So a person like him saying he wants to be selfish even for a while in a big stage like that in front of the whole world was something really special. Everyone was waiting for him to talk. And then+
He said "Thank your for meeting with eo" The way he said it with all the emotions, the way he hugged Gulf after saying it while crying, and the way he buried his face into Gulfs shoulders, made everyone cry.
And then 😭 "Phi rak nong". Just three words but that meant soo many things. Which screamed louder than thousands of words. He hugged gulf so tight after saying it and gulf hugged him back nd started patting his back cuz p mew crying so hard. We saw Gulf took the mic+
Near his but all a sudden he took it off and said it only for p mew to hear. And that made it even more special. Idk what others may think of this but for me this was a big confession. I know it might be like just saying love you nothing big+
But coming from mew on a stage like that in front of the whole world, when we all saw how much emotions he had while talking, it meant something big. It was like he assured Gulf that he loves him infront of everyone. Like he was trying to say I can say I love you to him infront+
Of the whole world. I am not afraid anymore. And especially after saying let me be selfish. Its like he was asking for permission to go outta the character of tharn to go out of the ship, to be himself, to be mew suppasit and to speak on behalf of himself. This night was special
But something recently happend made this event even more special. Recently MewGulf talked about this incident. How they felt while talking, and how they felt while listening to the other. The way they talked about that incident was something else tbh 😭
Mew: "I think I cried and talked about Gulf, My feelings toward Gulf."

Gulf: "I got to hear the thing that P'Mew haven't talked to me before"


Both of em are talked about the same incident as one of their most fave moments together. 😭😭😭
Mew himself saying I said my feelings towards gulf gave me goosebumps like he confirmed something as for me. Also, Gulf saying p said something he hasn't talked about before made it more clear. Idk maybe just for me but this incident made it more special 😭
We all were crying when we first saw the clip. We didnt even get any trans at first but as soon as we saw mew crying and saying phi rak nong nd hugging gulf. Thats it the whole fandom was crying. It and also we got to know about ss2 right after that. 😭 everyone was so surprised
Its been like 9 months almost 10 months since this happend. But even now when ever I see pictures or a clip of this incident i will start crying. Phi rak nong will always be special to me. No matter how much big scenes will happen in the future. This was a big turning point 🧡
Thank you for keeping up with my emo ass. 😭😭 Sorry for the typos as always.
Keep smiling.

"Phi rak nong"
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