Yeah see the problem here is that a ceasefire requires that both sides cooperate, AND THE FUCKING VIRUS IS NOT GOING TO PARTICIPATE IN A CEASEFIRE
The Christmas ceasefire during WW1 worked because all parties signed on. This would be the equivalent of the Brits declaring a unilateral ceasefire and then getting mowed down in their trenches when they started singing Christmas carols.
Viruses are gonna virus. I don't care what tortured metaphor you come up with to justify why you should be able to engage in behavior that is going to spread it, the virus is still gonna virus. It doesn't care about your metaphors. It does not care about your feelings.
It sure does suck that people who want to have large family gatherings for Christmas can't safely do that this year! But the answer is not to create a Christmas Covid Outbreak that kills a couple family members first thing in the new year.
"What did you do for Christmas?"

"Oh we murdered Granny and my brother in law via covid as a sacrifice to some mythical ideal family Christmas we simply couldn't do without."
I napped for an hour and I'm still salty, at least in part because I know for a fact my evangelical Christian cousin's family is taking part in maskless gatherings because SHE POSTED PICS ON FACEBOOK.
According to my mom I'm not allowed to start family arguments on Facebook and see above re: reasons I cannot drive to Alabama and start them in person right now.
Like I'm out here signing up to get get injected with experimental vaccine to help end this shit, meanwhile the family God-botherer is turning her teenagers into a covid Petrie Dish.

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