Why plastic straw bans are ableist, a thread:
Biodegradable straws often fall apart and break down before many people can even finish their drinks, which is not accessible for folks who need to take their time drinking liquids.
Reusable straws only work well if you have a place to safely store them and keep them clean and wash them when you get home, which is not always accessible for disabled folks.
Metal straws can get too hot and cause burns.
Lids like this work...if you have good grip/use of your hands/hands that don't shake. This is not accesible for everyone.
Most reusable straws are not bendy/positionable, which can be a huge help to some disabled folks.
Reusable straws cost money, which makes them inaccessible to many people.
Pasta, bamboo, silicone, etc material can pose allergy risks, which eliminates many straw alternatives for people.
Some people, for health reasons, need their straws to be single use/clean/free of germs.
In short, don't ban plastic straws. Don't put that burden on the disabled community. Instead, if YOU don't NEED a straw, don't take a straw. But we shouldn't make them less accesible! ❤️
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