I had Covid in May. There is no question about it, I was in hospital, and had all the tests. Today I have been told I have tested positive. My very much needed surgery has been cancelled. The only place I have been in the past 7 days is the hospital for the assessments.
I doubt I have a single friend who doesn't wear a mask, but right now I have only loathing for those who think it's all a hoax. Maybe I picked it up 14 days ago (ie I might be at the tail end) in a supermarket? My date was Nov 3, so I only went into isolation 7 days ago,
This was a chance at a cancellation, and now the soonest the op can possibly be is Nov 10. And yes, we are talking the Big C. In no sense is this an optional surgery
Please RT this thread. I am so fed up of people who think the only issue is dying of it. Plenty of people are dying *because* of it. (tho not me I hasten to add)
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