It’s why I felt compelled to speak out, openly criticize WH and it’s task force. I saw the decimation in the Hispanic community right in front of me. Ann said to me, “I can see this is eating you up” For me their FU rejection of my Oct 1 plan to save American lives = final straw
About a month later they brought in Dr Atlas as part of a larger WH attempt to rewrite history, spin new tales around fake herd immunity, discredit masks, force open schools, attribute COVID19 deaths to co-morbidities, Great Barrington, well planned Soviet style disinformation
I believe that If my Oct 1 plan had been implemented we might have bought a few months time and kept cases low until vaccines became available in Q2 2021. Instead we’ll have a massive fall winter surge, possibly 511,000 American deaths by Feb 28 according to @IHME_UW
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