I will add my thoughts here:

The Mexican govt had pressure the UN not to do this. The rumors are all that the US has as well (certainly have indirectly via Mexico, who must invite big int NGOs in).

What is left is a humanitarian crisis in Matamoros and across the border via MPP https://twitter.com/mhackman/status/1320362979880218625
2) When I first went there in early fall 2019, it was around 850 people. It was NOT a refugee camp. That implied some level of international aid or process. It was a handful of groups like Team Brownsville and Angry Tias carting basic food & supplies across bridge to help...
...people survive. Which was amazing but the people there are neither refugees (they were trying to seek asylum) nor was there the infrastructure that exists in such camps often (I’m not saying those are easy places to live at all, just explaining difference which was by design)
Now in the subsequent months groups have been able to grow their presence and coronation. It’s incredible, hard, inspiring work.

But I just want to be clear that US and Mexico have both worked to deny some of the basic support that could be provided to people were they refugees
As you may have seen me write a lot for the last 14 months, the dominant experience at the border for those seeking asylum is no longer “kids in cages” on US soil. It is that US policy has 1) effectively ended the ability for nearly anyone to apply for asylum ...
2) trapped many tens of thousands of families in Mexico via Remain in Mexico (MPP) in *horrible* conditions. These pops are heavily women and children. Many have been there for over a year now. They are subjected to basic struggles to stay alive and terrible violence
The Trump administration hopes that because this is more “out of sight” (although the tents in Matamoros actually touch the building at the border) it will avoid the global outcry from 2018’s iteration of family separation and 2019.
If we find ourselves in a new political moment, how does America chart a pathway forward in a humane, functioning manner will be absolutely imperative. And to wrap this thread—part of this will require a *positive* international and NGO approach. Ok that’s it.
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