When I first read that Bobcat Goldthwait made a found footage movie about Bigfoot, I expected it to be like a spoof of some sort, like a Scary Movie type of movie. But then I remembered that I had seen movies he had made like Shakes the Clown and World’s Best Dad.
So then it made complete sense that Bobcat would make a movie like this.
While I will say that this movie is not straightforward horror in the gore or violence sense that we know, the movie still has horrific moments with great tension. And the interactions between the characters have a nice rhythm and organic chemistry between them.
The interactions were intense at times because of that natural feel, but they make the movie. Sometimes it’s all in good fun for one character and sometimes it’s deadly serious, so maybe a tone shift issue, but I’d say it’s very minor.
This movie knows what it wants, and it doesn’t want you to see anything definite for about 97% of the movie, up until it’s ready to show you its hand.
And even then, without a direct reveal, it manages to up the ante and really strain as much tension and fun out of an otherwise trite concept of seeking Bigfoot in the genre of found footage.
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