Yesterday, somebody in my timeline shared some tweets regarding their account's Twitter worth. Thought to give it a try, as soon as I landed on the application, it asked me permission to access my Twitter data, obviously, it needed that, fine.
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But, instead of asking for account information access only, it asked for so many other access like - liking a tweet, block, reply, why did it need that? I thought for a while, then said let me give it a try, and see what does it offer. Then I saw the worth and closed the app.
Late-night when I logged in to the Twitter account, it had already tweeted my worth without my consent or knowledge. It really scared me, like here it didn't make much mess, but it can be really exploited to a great extent involving defamation and much more.
It seems just like installing a calculator app from the play store which needs access to your file media, camera, mic which is terrible and disgusting. I revoked this app's access to my Twitter data. This thread is to aware everybody stays away from such fishy apps and be safe!
Who knows next time you explore such an app and lose access to your Twitter data. Be cyber safe!
Did you encounter any such incident?
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