The Govt's Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme has been indiscriminately underappreciated & uncovered by both media & the party itself.

Here's why it's the biggest boost yet to both Make in India & Atmanirbhar Bharat, and adds momentum to the Boycott China movement:

Under the PLI scheme, manufacturers of mobile phones & electronic equipment in India get a 4-6% incentive on their annual revenues if they meet certain targets.

This comes at a time when companies are leaving China, disillusioned by the CCP & seeking greener pastures.

The scheme is available to companies that manufacture mobile phones worth ₹15,000+, with different targets for global & domestic handset makers.

In case of global handset makers, the companies must achieve manufacturing revenue of more than ₹10,000 Cr in the base year.

Similarly, in case of domestic handset makers, companies must achieve manufacturing revenue of more than ₹100 Cr in the base year.

So far, 10 mobile manufacturers have been accepted under the scheme: 5 global companies & 5 domestic companies.

The foreign companies include:

~Rising Star
~Foxconn, the makers of Apple iPhones
~Wistron, the Taiwan-based makers of Acer phones
~Pegatron, the Taiwan-based makers of Asus phones

Worth mentioning that Samsung & Apple together account for 60%+ of global revenue from smartphones, and will be bringing a large chunk of this revenue & thereby investment into India.

This will also offer Indian consumers higher quality smartphones at cheaper rates.

On the domestic front, the PLI scheme is all set to resurrect several domestic mobile makers:

~Bhagwati, makers of Micromax phones
~Padget Electronics, makers of MI phones
~UTL Neolyncs, makers of Karbonn phones
~Optiemus Electronics, makers of Blackberry phones

The biggest highlight is Micromax, who started its business operations in India with a bang but was outcompeted by cheaper Chinese smartphones.

Thanks to the PLI scheme, the Indian phone maker is planning a second coming with the slogan, "Aaao Thodi Cheeni Kum Karein".

The current forecasts predict that the scheme will bring in investments to the tune of a whopping ₹11,000 Cr & create 3 Lakh jobs in the process.

It's also expected to result in production worth $10.5 Trillion over the next 5 yrs, of which 60% will come from exports.

This is by far one of the most exciting schemes that have been launched on the economic front.

We're capitalizing on the anti-China sentiment currently rampant in the corporate world by inviting major manufacturers, while also resurrecting domestic ones like Micromax & Karbonn.
By wooing companies from China to India, the Modi Govt has hit two birds with one stone by boosting the Make in India campaign while giving momentum to the Boycott China movement.

If a Govt is entitled to criticism, it's also entitled to get credit where due.
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