If I were Taiwan, Korea Vietnam, or Japan: I'd be six months into a plan of poaching groups or faculty and admin* from US/UK/Aus universities popular w/ intl students, getting them settled into the org chart of the best 2-3 universities, and would be starting Fall 2020 about now.
All the ingredients were there and obvious by early March to anyone paying close enough attention. There is still an insanely lucrative demand for Western higher ed in Asia. Western countries both couldn't provide it AND many faculty would eagerly get out of US/UK for safety.
The rest is logistics and working off blueprints already around for intl branch campuses. You could do it the branch campus way, or basically 'aquire' distressed assets (almost entire departments), fold them into your own universities, and market a COVID-free learning experience.
There some equity issues about what to do with students already enrolled in these existing universities. You don't want to kick them out to make a two tier system inside one university. But do it the right way and you'll have enough $$ to solve most problems pretty quickly.
That's the old model and it takes years to plan. No, this is more like a hostile Silicon Valley acquisition of human capital from similar enough orgs that they'd know how to recreate their own faculties, departments, majors, courses etc on any campus. https://twitter.com/PennyTresjon/status/1320272588409430017?s=19
In my thought experiment, you'll likely never be able to get everyone in a faculty or department onboard with moving shop to another country. So pick a model uni, poach as many faculty and staff as you can, and let them recruit the the remainder that would be a good fit.
The original universities still exist in this model! There's just going to be a fork in the org chart with "Intentional" in the name with duplicate faculties, departments, etc that's EMI and taught by faculty-refugees poached from the PlagueLands. https://twitter.com/jaredadler/status/1320274862024265730?s=19
You'd think classroom space would be an issue, but it's really not. Most uni classrooms in the places I've taught are 50% vacancy on the busiest of days, and 60-80% in the evening.

Biggest space concern is faculty offices and student lodging. Easy peasy w the new $$ revenue $$.
Something like a third of Australian faculty or furloughed or fired right now. Start with poaching some good HR to hire initial admin to start plucking up good fits for the faculties and departments they want to recreate in the mold of their old uni. https://twitter.com/BahnischMark/status/1320272011965255686?s=19
There were 71k intl higher ed students just in the UK last year, 900k in Australia, and 1.09 million in the US.

They're either stuck in home country, stuck in plague country w/o classes, and/or in visa hell. https://twitter.com/jaredadler/status/1320277977708417024?s=19
You're marketing this:

- all prior coursework and learning done at Western university accepted w/o question. You pick up where you left off.

- for freshmen, similar qual Western uni acceptance letter accepted here.

- recreate same learning environment in a COVID-free bubble
Random 'typical' student: CN grad student at UF that is terrified of maskless Americans, significant disruptions to lab work needed to finish http://M.Sc ., can't meet f2f with anyone, visa could get cancelled any minute..
Kyoto University's International School, Faculty of Chemistry has a place for you! For what you're already paying for US studies, we can get you on a flight and restarted to finish studies safely in equiv quality leaning environment after 2 wk quarantine! https://twitter.com/Comparativist/status/1320283353174568960?s=19
The Aus higher education system is in a state of rapid collapse because this was the entire model. Intl students tuition subsidized higher quality faculty and even entire departments that wouldn't have existed without them.

This is what higher ed is now. https://twitter.com/jaredadler/status/1320286406762115072?s=19
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