A sense of perspective may help. There have been multiple pandemics over the last 100 years: influenza A 1957, 1968, 2009), 6th (1899-1923) and 7th (1961/75) cholera pandemic and HIV/AIDS. #COVID19 isn't the end of meaningful life. It's likely not even the last pandemic.
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In addition to pandemics, roughly 17M people die from infections disease every year (~50,000/day). #COVID19 is a severe health crisis, which adds to this burden in multiple ways but pretending it should dictate the way we live our lives long-term is misleading if not sinister.
Such doom-mongering, besides being uninformed is deeply unhelpful. Spreading the myth of a dystopian future ahead of us undermines public engagement in pandemic mitigation measures that are essential for us to get to the other end of #COVID19 as unscathed as possible.
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