Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 🌿

I’m seeing a good amount of you packing your bags and leaving something behind. This could be literal, I see some of you moving, but also metaphorical: leaving the past behind,a relationship, a lifestyle. Whatever it is, you’re letting go & moving on.
The bag is small. You’re ready to begin again, start fresh, as something completely different than you were before. There’s no going back. Part of you is sad about this, but I see the true you being excited about what is coming next.

An entirely new beginning is coming.
There are some people who are extremely confused about this. They want to pull the old you back. They want to keep you as you are.

You need to keep looking forward and not let these people influence your decision about whatever it is you’re embarking on. You know your truth.
There will be people you can bring into this new life, and people who just simply can’t keep up. The faster you begin to discern the difference between these two types of people, the faster your success in this new life will come. Hold true to yourself & you’ll experience reward.
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