Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 💨

Nothing has ever really been about you. Constantly, you’ve pushed your emotions to the side because you’ve been taught other people’s problems & emotions come first. You were taught that was what kindness was. You were taught wrong.

You matter.
Air signs get this bad wrap for being emotionless. The air sign placement is simply the read of the energy at the time: the parent(s) didn’t validate that person’s emotions. You were rewarded for pushing your emotions/needs away, so you continue to into adulthood.
Air signs, this programming is coming up for you right now: where do you put other people’s needs/emotions above your own? Where have you been taught that sacrificing your own needs is what it means to be a “caring” person? Where have you been PUNISHED for caring for yourself?
Where has this programming led you to create relationships where it’s all about the other person? Where have you been programmed that’s what love is?


Air signs, the way you treat yourself is the way the world will treat you. Read that AGAIN!

If you continue to place everyone else above you, you’ll manifest RELATIONSHIPS where people put everyone else ABOVE YOU! The inner creates the outer.

Caring about you sets the example
You are craving yourself. Please talk to that inner child. Hold your little knees, kiss your knee caps, give your body love & hugs. Let it cry. Sit with it. Be with it. Be the person you are needing the most right now.This will ease & heal that pain. Watch the world match.

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