i just want to say something non kpop related for a second and i want to ask whoever you are, to take a moment to read.

if you are able to vote in this year's presidential election, i am BEGGING you to do so.
this is a post i saw about a daca recipient and his story. daca recipients don't have it easy here. they deserve to be here just as much as anyone else.
vote for those who cant. vote for the daca recipients who break their backs to pay taxes, renew daca every year, and keep squeaky clean records just to continue to stay in this country. vote for these people who continue to be taken advantage of for something they can't control.
every vote for trump is a vote against these teenagers and adults who have given everything to stay in the only country they know to be their home.

most of the daca recipients have spent a large majority if not almost all of their lives here. they deserve to stay in their homes.
they work harder than most of the american born people i know.

so please. vote. vote trump out of office.

vote for a chance at a better future and better opportunities.

your vote matters. please.
please vote. retweet this thread to share with others on how important it is to vote and just what it means to some people who can't.
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