An horrific thought to ponder: how many Americans would die if Trump gets four more years to impose his herd immunity quackery on us. The estimates say we are talking about *millions.* We are already at a quarter million dead. And that’s with him doing herd immunity unannounced.
And what happens to the millions of people his court strips of Obamacare including the 8+ million who now have coronavirus as a pre-existing condition? Republicans fundamentally believe insurance cos should refuse coverage and charge at will. How many would die or go bankrupt?
How much more of our precious national land resources would he and Republicans hand over to oil and gas and coal companies, killing even more people through dirty air, coal ash-clogged water and global warming-induced superstorms?
What would an unleashed Stephen Miller mean for migrant children and their parents? How many more little kids would they steal and cage? What becomes of BLM protests if Trump unleashes his allied, armed right wing gangs on our streets? Why would he suddenly hold back?
And how open would Trump throw the doors to our enemies and adversaries; to Russia, and North Korea and the Saudis? Would we even be a NATO country anymore? Would we even be a democracy? Would there ever be a free and fair election here again?
We already know elected Republicans wouldn’t stop any of this. They are willing to let it all burn as long as they ride the bomb to the ground still in power. There’s not one of them who would stop him to save our country from mass death and autocracy. Not one. It’s depressing.
And Democrats can only do so much with just one branch of government, especially once the Supreme Court is fully in the grip of Team Oligarchy. This election is literally a life or death matter for America. We can spend the next four years debating the future or lamenting it.
This is the stuff that keeps me awake all night. I truly hope everyone who can, votes.
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