What if the present day Secular/liberals were alive when Lord Rama fought Ravana & kill him over 5000 years ago?

Let us look at how they would have interpreted Rama's victory over Ravana.


1) And they burned him:
2) Was Ram required to go down all the way to Lanka to pick a fight? Where is our hospitality, our culture? Why was Ravana being terrorized.


3) India is not safe for any living beings

4) Do we want an India where a King burns down an entire empire to secure his wife? Are we lacking empathy:


5) An Open Letter to Ram; Am I going to lose my Wife in his Rajya:

6) Did Ram send Hanuman and a force of monkeys to Lanka against their will? Isn’t this cruelty:


7) The devotees of Ram had secured all the plum postings and social benefits in the country, and hence, the kidnapping of Sita is justified:

8) Ravana Killed! A new age for Saffron Terror:


9) Ayodhya Diaries. How Truth about Ram and Sita was Hidden and Ravana was Framed:


10) Ravana did not kidnap Sita, his mind did:

11) I toured Ayodhya and I realized Ram’s development model had failed:


12) In this audacious mêlée of men beholding to avenge their own perspectives of right, as a populous, have we been smitten by the adoration for war in an unprincipled world:

13) Ravana can come to my kingdom, we will ensure his safety:


WA Forward 😃🤣😃🤣
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