This will be the thread proving that @AndrewYang is a leftist. (Whether that be a SocDem, a Market Socialist, or something else.)

It will disprove a lot of things said about him, and bring to light his opinions on a lot of things, and prove his positions.

Let’s get started.
1. First off let’s start with a well known leftist’s views on Universal Basic Income. Marxist sociologist, Erik Olin Wright:
3. Something many people knock Yang on is his healthcare stance. Many say he doesn’t support a single payer system. The opposite is true actually! And he has said it many many times. Most notably on @TheHillofRoses hosted by @JonMunitz and Heidi Briones:
4. Yang supports worker Co-ops and said he supports “collective ownership.”
And here in this video he expressed full support for them:
Idk why it cut my thread off here but there’s more
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