Most Democrats operate under a collective delusion that we should pretend that Republican operatives would never hack voting tallies & do nothing to try to stop or detect any such election theft other than voting. But there is much more we can & must do. 1/
3/ Pls help protect the election (including down ballot races) by volunteering to photograph precinct results (as posted on poll tapes after polls close) on election night. We will compare to official totals & report any discrepancies. TY.

Sign up here:
This map shows where we at @ProtectVotes have volunteers signed up to photograph precinct results. We hope to recruit hundreds more to cover as many precincts in each county as we can. In some places we have only 1-2 volunteers. Please join us if you can! #PhotoFinish 4/
Poll tapes look like this. In many places they are posted publicly outside precincts on election night. This is ostensibly meant to provide transparency. But until recently, there have been only a few small efforts to photograph them & compare the totals 2 official totals. 5/
If u can’t photograph precinct results, pls consider helping us send out public records requests to states & counties that DON’T publicly post precinct results. This will include much of WISCONSIN & PENNSYLVANIA. We need help & have templates!
Sign up: 6/
You can also sign up to help us compare precinct results to reported results! We will automate a huge chunk of the analysis. But if the software defects discrepancies, we need your human eyes to confirm it. We will train you. Same sign up link: 7/
Graphics help too! If you have the skill & the time, it wld help to have #PhotoFinish graphics for Florida, Michigan, Ohio, NC, Texas, etc. I’ve noticed that it is easier to recruit volunteers tests w/ state-specific messaging. State-specific graphics may help too. 8/
And here are some tips! 10/
Graphic by @ourearthneedsu 11/
12/ Graphics on tip card by @_Jo_di.
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