“You’re overreacting” they said Aliyev called Armenians “dogs” and “rats” and said he will chase us down. https://www.en24.news/2020/10/president-of-azerbaijan-to-armenia-this-is-the-end-we-chase-you-like-dogs.html
“You’re overreacting” they said as families hid in bunkers for the 27th day, as their homes, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, churches were being destroyed.
“You’re overreacting” they said as Azerbaijan attacked our cultural heritage in a double tap bombing after having destroyed all trace of our culture in Nakhichevan, revising their textbooks and history to remove any mention of Armenians. https://amp.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/mar/01/monumental-loss-azerbaijan-cultural-genocide-khachkars
"You're overreacting" they said as mobs of hundreds of fascists marched in the middle of Europe hunting for Armenians. https://twitter.com/ANEMOI_1_/status/1321570867059580934?s=20
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