(1/3) LMFAO ... Democratic support for a ban on #Fracking dropped from 65% to 49% following the #debate. We watched two old, racist, rapist White Corporate liars argue who hates things more - like Earth, #MedicareForAll, ending #foreverwars, and other populist positions ...
(2/3) that the majority supports.
The "lesser" evil is more successful at coaxing you to support Corporate Power and voting against your own self-interest since you want to go "back to sleep" or "enjoy brunch", thinking things will go "back to normal" so you can ...
(3/3) leave your fate to them - a "normal" that led to the rise of #DonaldTrump in the first place.

Choosing between two evils is just simply choosing evil. #BidenHarris2020 is just a better face for propoganda.
#ClimateCrisis #GND #PeoplesParty #NeverBiden
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