1/ So @KenRoth breaks his silence on #BoliviaElecciones - to continue to smear the democratically elected president who was overthrown in a US-backed coup last year.

Let's review how Roth supported the coup last year & also comment on the @NYtimes article he cited
THREAD https://twitter.com/KenRoth/status/1320158157860163584
2/Last year, shortly after Morales had to flee the country to avoid being lynched, Roth regurgitated @theEconmist 's take on the coup calling Morales a "strongman" and his violent ouster as an "uprising".
3/ @KenRoth also called @evoespueblo "lawless" and equated him to the US-backed dictatorship that massacred his supporters shortly after the coup.
4/ Why does the "lawless" "strongman" get driven out at the point of a gun when his popularity in #Bolivia was (as confirmed by 2019 election that he won, never mind the 2020 win) far superior to that of political leaders in the US or Canada who govern with no such fear?
5/ You can similarly ask why a senator from MAS part (Morales party) was publicly terrorized last year? Why doesn't that happen to far less popular US senators? https://twitter.com/MaxBlumenthal/status/1320087550275555328
6/ The @nytimes article says "democracy" was "slipping" under Morales, but NOT due to the forces that impugned last's year clean election & supported the coup (Bolivia's private media, armed right wing militias, police, military to say nothing of the US government & int'l media)
7/ In fact the @nytimes does not refer to Morales' ouster as a coup ("crisis" is preferred) and accuses him of "persecution". Never mind that Morales clearly tolerated violent US-backed forces that seized power and imposed a dictatorship for almost a year.
8/ But to @KenRoth and the @nytimes US-backed politicians, media, military and police are supposed to be tolerated by leftist governments in the Americas. The US would never tolerate foreign-backed insurrectionists like this. It screams over alleged "Russian trolls"!
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