In nine days, we break them mentally forever.

They invested EVERYTHING in beating President Trump.

They went ALL IN.


Their full last measure of devotion to the cause was almost inspiring in a way.

They put the rest of us thorough a year of HELL.
And when they not only LOSE, they suffer THE most humiliating electoral defeat in the history of electoral defeats, it will change them.

The "Bush Flu" phenomena from 2004 will not be able to be compared to their mental state on Nov. 4.

Hillary losing in '16? Not even close.
All their power was **broken** long ago.

They simply REFUSED to admit this to themselves, and so they now just gaslight us all even harder. With fake news, with fake polls, with one smothering cultural voice.

Nov. 4, the illusion will have died at long last, even for THEM.
The illusion they can fool us.
The illusion of their fake polls.
The illusion of their hit jobs, their anonymous lying sources.
The illusion of their being IN CONTROL and able to guarantee outcomes they want.

All destroyed.

They still believe they control the horizontal and the vertical, they can dictate the outcomes they want. They just suffered a bad glitch in 2016 you see, but this time they've corrected the problems.

Or so they tell themselves.
Big Tech really believes it has the power the pick the winners of elections.

Their about to have it proven to them YET AGAIN this is a myth.

In fact, by trying to CONTROL information, they fully exposed themselves & enough people woke up.
So the illusion that Big Tech social media has the POWER to control outcomes is ALSO about to be broken for ever.
Once again, certain people were **positive** there was no path to victory for Trump or the GOP in the coming 2020 election because BIG TECH WOULD NOT ALLOW IT and would favor the Democrats.

Big Tech **never** had the power it boasted it did. This election will PROVE it.
All their power will be broken forever.

I can't wait.

The power of Big Tech.
The power of Fake Polls.
The power of Fake News media outlets, TV, newspapers, internet....
The power of the DC elite class.

One prominent pollster has already gone on the record that if Trump wins this election, it will be the END of the polling industry.

See they could **survive** and regroup being so massively wrong about Trump vs. Hillary.

But they get it wrong AGAIN, on an even bigger scale in Trump vs Biden?

That's the end of the mainstream media polling industry.
The usual people granting Democrats super powers and starting their comments with "Sadly" or "Unfortunately" have found this thread.

Time to end it then.

Got no time for your fear.

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