There are a lot of irregularities in the world today. Our beloved country Nigeria is in transition. The Nation is going through a rebirth and a lot of forces have risen against the birthing forth of New Nigeria.
These forces have yielded to the loss of lives of many Nigerian youths who were at the post fighting and travailing for the coming of the Great Nation Nigeria.
These days have been longed prophesied and prayed for, and in response to the prophesies, many young Nigerians resumed daily to the place of prayer interceding for the country, attacking the kingdom of darkness that has besieged the country for many years while many others are…
…involved in the peaceful protest.
The devil stoke and retaliated the prayer booms sent by the youths, making the youths rise against each other, short-changing the expectations of the New Nigeria for the destructions of lives and properties, entangling ourselves with acts of violence both physically and on…
…social media.
It is important not to forget that the battle is the Lord. And the real battle is spiritual. What sponsored the protest at first was because God heard the groaning and the crying of the youths (Exodus 6:5), therefore stirring the youths to take the actions they took.
It is therefore pertinent to note those who are for God and who are against God for the battle is the lord and the lord is set to fight this battle.
I speak to well-meaning Nigeria youth to repent for every act of violence (both physically and on social media) and follow the pattern of prophecies (The Peaceful Protest).
Intercessors should continue to travailing for the birthing of our Zion (Isaiah 66:8). Minstrels should stay on watch because instructions will come under the wings of sounds.
Never stop moving, Never stop moving, Never stop moving. If the devil strikes we move, we retaliate with instruction. It was a peaceful protest, let’s make it peaceful again.

Are you for God or Against God?


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