This YinWar scene from Love Mechanics is the MOST EXCELLENTLY ACTED SCENE in Thai BL for 2020 so far. See how @warwanarat delivered this with perfect, chilly nonchalance? ACTING AWARD WORTHY. đź‘Ź

It's no surprise they got renewed for a standalone series, I'll look forward to it.
YinWar is one of the most buzzed about BL ships in Thailand this year, which is inevitable because of their chemistry.

This scene is a great example of a GOOD DIRECTORIAL CHOICE. I cannot get over how the director chose this NG scene to be the actual cut included in the series.
I was shocked and very delightfully impressed cause the teaser dropped last week was, I think, the first time a BL teaser featured an ACTUAL FULL ACTING SEQUENCE instead of just a montage of clips.

This speaks volumes of how they're aware that YinWar's acting is their STRENGTH.
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