Tonight, I sat at my desk & began to fill out my ballot & for the first time as an American I know this election truly matters. Our democracy is truly at stake. Politically, I am a registered Republican but I slant towards a more Libertarian point of view. Yet, I have always been
a common sense voter. I vote not for parties but what I feel will best represent my neighbors & communities interests. I feel the massive amounts of voters turning out for this election day means much of America senses this same foreboding regarding this election. Our country
is under siege. There is a current, intentional consolidation of power that threatens our democracy. I have not been happy with the divisive nature of Donald Trump. I have found at times his leadership qualities lacking. Yet, I realize this election is not about Donald Trump.
It is about a movement to preserve America. A handful of powerful, elitist Washington Democrats has decided that our democracy belongs to them. They are wielding the press as a weapon & a tool of suppression.
"Any dictator would admire the uniformity & obedience of the US media." Norman Chomsky
Which has been the excuse of a Marxist movement to form dissent, destroy & loot our cities.
Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) championed the inclusion of “opportunity zones” in the 2017 tax bill that Trump signed into law. Its provisions reward investment in impoverished areas by deferring taxes on the sale of stocks and other holdings if the assets from those sales are invested
in certain high-need geographic areas.

Claiming Russian collusion.

"Accuse your enemy of what you are doing. As you are doing it to create confusion." Karl Marx
F.A. Hayek's great book derived from the theories of Austrian economics & written as the Fascist Nazi's were slowing crushing Europe with their war machine spoke of the dangers of socialism & how the concentrations of the centers of production into the hands of the few & the
Yet, career politicians who have never worked or left office with very little money have found themselves with immense wealth.
The Democratic party is not for the average person. That party has long left the principles behind that made it the working man's party in the past. NAFTA championed by Bill Clinton exported scores of union labor jobs to Mexico. The Pacific Trade Agreement championed by
Hillary Clinton would have done the same. Obama & Biden pushed & successfully created numerous harmful trade pacts with China which not only destroyed manufacturing jobs but transferred American technology.
Immigration & welfare policies championed by the left continue to keep millions of Americans in poverty with little hope of improving their situation. All of these factors are why I beseech everyone to really look at what is happening to our democracy.
What will the consequences be if we allow this blue wave? If you are a Libertarian do you waste your vote on a candidate that has no chance of winning this election & allow the transfer of power to an organization that will press to consolidate their party & destroy our checks
If you are an undecided Democrat do you continue to ignore the fact that the Democratic party has ignored you for the last several decades while becoming otherworldly rich? I say fight at the local & even state levels to expand your parties where you have more control over your
local government. Yet, not to push back against a corrupt Democratic party willing to suppress free speech, control the press to maintain their power in a centralized Washington DC is a mistake. Is it worth risking the loss of our Republic? #Election2020
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