. @DonSiegelman was governor, Lt. governor, Secty of State, & AG of Alabama. He’s the only former Dem candidate w/ the guts to say that Rs likely hacked his election. Rs ensure no one can prove anything by blocking manual audits & recounts. Read. ⬇️ 1/ https://twitter.com/donsiegelman/status/1320075092471304194
With proprietary software & an absence of meaningful manual audits and recounts, no one can know if electronic outcomes are legitimate or not — even in jurisdictions w/ #handmarkedpaperballots. 2/
It is up to us, the voters, to provide #electiontransparency where we can through grass roots activism this election. 3/
Here are 8 election transparency projects to support. #PhotoFinish (photographing precinct totals & comparing to reported totals) needs volunteers in particular. Pls register to help at http://ProtectOurVotes.com . All states can participate! 4/ https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1315422025641463809.html
. @DonSiegelman pushed back, so Karl Rove used his connections to lock him up. Hundreds of prosecutors from around the US, including many Rs, called it an unjust political prosecution. Ds are scared to speak up bc of this & fear of being called sore losers or tin foil or... 5/
... being falsely accused that calling out potential cheating would suppress turnout. 6/
9/ Please help protect this election by volunteering for #PhotoFinish at http://ProtectOurVotes.com  to photograph or analyze precinct results (as shown on poll tapes after polls close) on election night. We will compare to official totals & report any discrepancies. TY.
11/ “A Harris poll in Sept....found that people were...more likely to vote in the midterms bc of their fear of hacking..." The "record turnout...partly confirmed this,” challenging the “school of thought that...democracy is harmed by talk of... hacking..." https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-recounts-in-florida-and-georgia-bring-a-touch-of-fairness-to-a-dysfunctional-election-day
14/ Do you see now why I say our election system isn’t transparent? Remember the software is proprietary & the vendors thus block all attempts to forensically analyze their equipment. This is what John Kerry’s campaign learned in 2004 when they tried to do that b4 the election.
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