Oh also, fuck off using select pieces of my work to try to ‘prove’ it’s possible to eat on a budget. Don’t share the recipes without sharing the very real PTSD seven years on, the multiple suicide attempts, the trauma, the pile of 100+ unopened bills, the paranoia, the lasting >>
>>>impact of living in a world of nothing, the long term chronic health problems I have from living in a freezing, uncarpeted, damp, completely unheated flat, the early onset arthritis, the lungs of a heavy smoker, the fear and loathing that multiple therapies can’t assuage >>>
>>>the inability to maintain friendships and relationships because I hermitted away for so long, the hoarding, hiding from the doorbell, panic attacks, the tremble when I put my PIN in at a checkout, 100+ unopened bills in my hall, the rootless disjoint of moving 20+ times >>>
>>> don’t you DARE take my work, my recipes built from desperation, thin air, a food bank box and use them to sanctimoniously declare it’s EASY to cook while poor because 7 YEARS LATER I’M TELLING YOU THIS SHIT NEVER EVER STOPS STRANGLING YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.

The fucking AUDACITY.
PS - not joking about the bills. This is my hallway right now. I’ve actually set tomorrow aside to go through them all - wish me luck! Off again now - can’t tolerate too much of this at the moment. Lots of love to you all. X
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