😳Officials in FL, MI, WI, MN, & IL ignored election-security experts who advised them to remove (or at least not use) the modems in their precinct ballot scanners. So @IonSancho just sent the attached letter to FL county officials. Will they listen?! 1/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ktxlyEcLWj4yQ1W9EesxY4rh5U_WJWHb/view?usp=sharing
2/ Here's the election-security expert sent to @FLSecofState in September, which she ignored ignored. The letter implored her to #RemoveTheModems from FL's precinct ballot scanners. It may be too late now to remove them, but they cld at least not use them. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/7225186-Wireless-Modems-2020-9-15-20-FL.html
4/ If you don't know who @IonSancho is, you shld. He served as an election supervisor in Leon County Florida for 30 years. He arranged the @HarriHursti demo, which proved how easy it is to hack voting machines (despite what vendors & others had claimed.) http://www.hackingdemocracy.com/about 
5/ In addition to the states I already listed, I believe that TN, TX, and IN have modems in at least some counties as well. It should be a scandal, but most of the TV media has ignored it. If we ignore problems they go away, right?
8/ #RemoveTheModems (or at least don’t use them)!
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