OK Twitter Hobbits of LOTRO, I started a newbie hobbit on Landroval in order to go on a socially distanced "date" with a friend in another city. Link me your best guides/tips on how newbies can make money, how to start a burglar, and where to get a sexah hobbit dress? 😄 #noob
He’s a human, I’m a hobbit, so we’re meeting in Archet. I picked up some pipeweed and the farming skill before leaving the Shire, and a lute in Bree. Will check next week’s festival for sexah dresses. Best way to get more bags? Must-do quests or must-buy items? đŸ€”
It may be an older game now but I'm completely charmed that I just logged into #LOTRO and discovered a group of roleplayers playing "Easy Like Sunday Morning" outside the Prancing Pony in Bree đŸ„°
Perfect Sunday morning! I love games that inspire gameplay like this. 💕
A little video I grabbed from yesterday's charming and unexpected #LOTRO concert. 😊 And now I've had "Macarena" stuck in my head for 24 hours 😝
Short burglar, tall burglar 😁
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