I feel this tweet was done with good intentions but got to finally call out the flawed reasoning

Is there any data/proven correlation that shows men worshipping Hindu goddesses have highest propensity to rape? Is there anything in sacred texts or rituals that can be shown + https://twitter.com/parul_irs/status/1319661175190155269
to be inspiring such men to rape?
None. Then why force that link at all?

I have never felt unsafe in a temple full of male devotees worshipping Hindu goddesses. If goddess-worshipping men were committing most of the rapes, temples of goddesses would be MOST unsafe +
Instead, I hv felt very unsafe in a place full of drunk men. And I can’t even think of entering cinema hall screening a sleazy film. Why not link rape to activities like watching porn and trash Bollywood films, and drinking alcohol that ‘progressives’ promote - activities which +
..have proven correlation with tendency to rape?

Large number of child rapes come from a community that considers ‘idol worship’ sin. Does that mean high rape figures are because Goddess-worshippers don’t show zero tolerance to idol haters?

Why not make such correlations ever?
It’s strange how worshipping goddesses become Indian culture when it comes to rapes but at other times, Indian culture is Ganga-Jamuni & biggest treasure Taj Mahal

How about this - ‘India that has Taj Mahal, greatest symbol of love blah blah, has among highest rapes in world?’
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