The Atlantic made a movie about me, and the film is not a huge deal. They zoom in on my midsection to make me look fat. OK.

Overall tho, my wife is hot and I am depicted as conflicted and nuanced. (True.)

But the press around it is just completely dishonest.

Here's why:
The Atlantic BEGGED me to be in what they told would be a MINOR role for me. I don't need media. I do my own media. This is all on video, so there's no room for interpretation.

I said sure as a favor to a mutual friend.

Now they are saying I wanted to be in it. Just dumb.
For whatever reason, the media narrative is that I began in 2017 and now do seminars.

It's the opposite.

In 2015 I wrote a worldwide best-selling mindset book. I did mindset seminars, mastermind groups, *before* the election.
Gorilla Mindset - released in 2015!

It won a bunch of awards and sold well.

I released it while living in Vietnam and Thailand and traveling the world.

Totally not political guy at the time.
In 2015 all I cared about was

- getting jacked

- reading / writing

- traveling

Look at my glutes, thic!
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