Misappropriation is the name of the game:

Often credited to 17th C Europeans, hundreds of years earlier Muslims had already developed sophisticated treatments for #mentalhealth using music therapy: nature sounds and intonations (maqamat) to bring up mood or clam anxiety
Today, music therapy has been found to be beneficial for a number of psychological symptoms:

From easing anxiety and discomfort, recovering speech post-stroke, decreasing pain perception, to recovering dementia-lost memories

Yet no mention of Muslim contributions! 2/5
In my Muslim Mental Health Lab @Stanford we have an entire team pursuing in-depth research about the implementation of music therapy from early Islamic history as key treatment modalities in the early Islamic Mental Health hospitals (bimaristans or Dar ash-Shifaas) 3/5
This is yet another example where advancements in #mentalhealth awareness, treatment, prevention, acceptance, ingenuity etc at the hands of Muslim scholars is buried in history and credited to others hundreds (literally hundreds) of years later 4/5
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