Many voting locations open today in CA.

Know your rights.
Call the voter protection hotline if you experience or see violations: (877) 321-VOTE (8683).

You have the following voting rights.

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CA Voter Bill of Rights
1. The right to vote if you are an eligible voter.
2. The right to vote if you are a registered voter even if your name is not on the list. (Same-day registration is available at voting locations.)
3. The right to vote if you are still in line when the polls close.
4. The right to cast a secret ballot.
5.The right to get a new ballot if you have made a mistake.
6. The right to report any illegal or fraudulent election activity.
7. The right to get help casting your ballot.
8. The right to drop off completed vote-by-mail ballot at any polling place in California.
9. The right to get election materials in a language other than English.
10. The right to ask questions to elections officials about election procedures & watch the election process.
Again, if you experience or see violations of voting rights, call (877) 321-VOTE (8683). This hotline is run by the California Democratic Party, which has developed a program to make sure all voters of any party can #vote .
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