One irritating thing about current political dynamics is that if Joe Biden says something relatively progressive (transition from oil) he gets predictably slammed by conservatives while simultaneously receiving no credit from progressives.
Here is an idea: if you want to influence someone while simultaneously decreasing the influence of more nefarious forces, you should actually give them credit when they do something that you like. Otherwise you lose all leverage within the accountability structure.
Now, luckily, Biden seems like a person who wants to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. We may not always agree on what the right thing is, but that's his motivation. However, there's still no reason to perpetuate a *disincentivizing* atmosphere.
Another thing I hear? "Obama/Biden didn't LISTEN to progressives." That is false. They listened to & responded to activists for the following causes: the environment, LGBTQ rights, immigration reform, sexual assault prevention, and criminal justice reform.
Now, did Obama/Biden do everything all of us would have wanted them to do? Did they go far enough? Those are different questions. The point is: they did listen and they could be influenced. And boy was that better than this:
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