Black, indigenous, and other people of colour can be atheist.

They can also be antitheist, i.e. believe theism is not only untrue, but also harmful.

There is nothing inherent in this belief that implies support for white supremacy or misogyny. It's not a white man's idea.
It's also possible to practice the spiritual and cultural aspects of one's people without believing in the paranormal.

e.g. Secular Jewish people who are atheist, but still celebrate Jewish holidays. Or Buddhists who meditate and repeat mantras without believing in rebirth.
As David Graeber once said, regarding anthropologists who refused to question the veracity of beliefs held by tribal peoples, it's insulting and patronising to think there aren't members of the tribe who DON'T agree that, say, the shaman can talk to the dead or trees have emotion
Nor does antitheism by itself imply a desire to force people to give up theistic beliefs.

You can think theism is harmful while also thinking the best way to erode it is for people to voluntarily realise this themselves, not make them believe it through coercion.
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