This episode of @ThisAmerLife has a story 'Time Bandit' - about Jerome Ellis - a man with a stutter - that is so so powerful. I love stories that build understanding and empathy for people I know about but never thought deeply about.
It's been on my mind a lot recently after I read reports that Chris Christie's advice to Trump was to constantly interrupt Biden in that first debate - because it can be difficult for people with stutters to navigate that kind of thing.
And, when I see Fox News cherry pick moments where Joe loses his place or struggles in a tiny ways to find speech - and then try to convince people he has dementia.

It's just so fucking rough to watch them do this.
Anyway, I am watching Biden do his speech in Pennsylvania and, as usual, he is strong and clear and has humanity and policy and a plan. He's communicating the plan, he's communicating a vision and he's communicating his pitch for unity and it's wonderful.
If you think Biden isn't a great speaker, or that he is generally bit of a duffer. I recommend watching him do a whole, unedited speech.
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