Revisiting this tweet because I don’t think people fully understand what these numbers mean. This is an historic turnout for this demographic. But there’s even more to see here. 1/
In the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting, Emma González warned the GOP they were coming for them like an army. They marched in the streets, they got loud, and they let the GOP & NRA know that if the adults refused to fix it, the kids were taking over. 2/
These young humans have suffered our failures, our refusals to act, our careless & heartless destruction of their futures, our standing by as they & their friends are gunned down in their classrooms. And they’re not having it anymore. 3/
This should be THE story of this election - not Trump’s bloviating. Not Russian interference. Not the Proud Boys.

These young people. These amazing, determined, not taking our shit anymore, showing up in record numbers to vote young people.

The kids are alright.
PS: THIS is how we force politicians to address the concerns of our demographics. It’s why seniors have been pandered to during every election since forever: they show up to the vote.

The kids showed up to vote. And oooooh boy shit is gonna be changing now.
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