Last week at our Grassroots Summit, I told our supporters that we still had a long way to go and that the closing days of this campaign were going to be hard.

This is, in part, what I meant. (1/?)
We all know that Joe Biden was the clear winner in Thursday’s debate. But that didn’t stop Donald Trump from seeing his best online fundraising night ever - better than any day in 2016.

And you can bet he’ll use every dollar to continue to spread lies about Joe Biden. (2/?)
I've said that in our battleground states this race is close—far closer than we are seeing in national polls. We cannot let up as we come into the final stretch. Our job is to execute our GOTV strategy while batting back Trump’s campaign of disinformation and smears. (3/?)
We MUST hit our goal to have the resources we need to turn every voter out, reaching them across all channels and funding our final voter outreach efforts on the ground, including new investments in Texas and Georgia (4/?)
There are 10 days left!! We can’t afford to slow down or let up now. That’s why I’m asking our supporters to step up one more time to make sure we finish strong. As I tell our team, “we can do hard things.”

And we can, especially when we do it together. (5/?)
So please, if you can, chip in to help defeat Donald Trump and to elect Joe Biden as our next President of the United States. (6/?) 
And after you chip in, make sure you take time to make your plan to vote or, better yet, vote early. #VoteEarlyDay (7/7)
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