Manusmriti is a gift to mankind, a book with beautiful teachings, in this thread I will list a few of those teachings by Maharishi manu.

Read them to know what Manu ji believed in, his basic philosophy, and how Manusmriti is a precious gift to mankind.
सत्यं ब्रूयात्प्रियं ब्रूयान्न ब्रूयात्सत्यं अप्रियम् ।प्रियं च नानृतं ब्रूयादेष धर्मः सनातनः ।।4/138

Speak what is truth, speak what others find pleasant, don't say anything unpleasant even if it's true, never say a lie that is pleasant to hear, this is Sanatan Dharma
भद्रं भद्रं इति ब्रूयाद्भद्रं इत्येव वा वदेत् ।शुष्कवैरं विवादं च न कुर्यात्केन चित्सह ।।4/139

One should not create needless disputes or enmity with anyone, (even if someone insults you) just say "well ok" and move on, ignore bad qualities of others.
नारुन्तुदः स्यादार्तोऽपि न परद्रोहकर्मधीः ।
ययाऽस्योद्विजते वाचा नालोक्यां तामुदीरयेत् ।। 2.161

Even when you are in pain or sorrow, you should not use any harsh words for others which will cause them pain, nor even think about hurting others.
हीनाङ्गानतिरिक्ताङ्गान्विद्याहीनान्वयोऽधिकान् ।रूपद्रविणहीनांश्च जातिहीनांश्च नाक्षिपेत् ।।4/141

Do not insult or make fun of those who are disabled or uneducated, nor make fun of anyone's looks or old age, no body shaming.
चक्रिणो दशमीस्थस्य रोगिणो भारिणः स्त्रियाः ।स्नातकस्य च राज्ञश्च पन्था देयो वरस्य च ।2/138

One should show respect by making the way for, women, diseased, person carrying weight, newly graduate, king and a charioteer.
यद्यत्परवशं कर्म तत्तद्यत्नेन वर्जयेत् ।यद्यदात्मवशं तु स्यात्तत्तत्सेवेत यत्नतः ।।4/159

Avoid all those acts which are dependent on others, do your work independently
सर्वं परवशं दुःखं सर्वं आत्मवशं सुखम् ।एतद्विद्यात्समासेन लक्षणं सुखदुःखयोः ।।4/160

All that is dependent on others cause sorrows, all that is dependent on self cause pleasure.
सर्वं तु समवेक्ष्येदं निखिलं ज्ञानचक्षुषा ।श्रुतिप्रामाण्यतो विद्वान्स्वधर्मे निविशेत वै । 2/8

A learned person should see everything with eye of knowledge, (he should be unbiased and should look at facts)
सम्मानाद् ब्राह्मणो नित्यमुद्विजेत विषादिव ।
अमृतस्येव चाकाङ्क्षेदवमानस्य सर्वदा ॥ 2.162

A Learned person should see reverence as poison and he should see Insult as elixir of life.
No desire for respect and no hate for insult, "sthitaprajña"
आचार्यं च प्रवक्तारं पितरं मातरं गुरुम् ।न हिंस्याद्ब्राह्मणान्गाश्च सर्वांश्चैव तपस्विनः ।।4.162

One should not harm teachers, parents, cows, learned people and sadhus. These all are respectable.
अधर्मेणैधते तावत् ततो भद्राणि पश्यति ।
ततः सपत्नान् जयति समूलस्तु विनश्यति।। 4.174

One may prosper, experience happiness or conquer enemies by taking wrong and immoral way, but it is for a time being eventually they all perish.
सत्यधर्मार्यवृत्तेषु शौचे चैवारमेत् सदा ।
शिष्यांश्च शिष्याद् धर्मेण वाच्।बाहूदरसंयतः।। 4.175

One should always speak truth, follow Hygiene, have right conduct, our speech, arms and hunger should be in our control.
यस्य वाङ्मनसी शुद्धे सम्यग् गुप्ते च सर्वदा ।
स वै सर्वमवाप्नोति वेदान्तोपगतं फलम्।। 2.160

One who has pure speech and mind, well guarded against corruption, attains the fruit of Vedas.
उत्तमैरुत्तमैर्नित्यं सम्बन्धानाचरेत् सह ।
निनीषुः कुलमुत्कर्षमधमानधमांस्त्यजेत् ॥ 4.244

One should make relations with good and righteous people and should stay away from those who are bad and unrighteous.
दृढकारी मृदुर्दान्तः क्रूराचारैरसंवसन् ।
अहिंस्रो दमदानाभ्यां जयेत् स्वर्गं तथाव्रतः ।। 4.246

One who acts resolutely, is gentle and tolerant, who do not associate with cruel people and who does no injury to others, will attain heaven.
This is just a sample, Manusmriti is full of such beautiful teachings, Maharishi Manu was our ancestor, we must respect him and follow his beautiful teachings and proudly say- "Yes I am Manuvadi
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