We are very happy to announce that Always With Honor, the Russian Civil War memoirs of legendary White Army cavalry general Pyotr Wrangel, is now available in print for the first time in decades. One of the most important conflicts in modern history! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LNH6BWB/ 
The book is Wrangel's first-hand account of the Russian Revolution and ensuing Civil War. Wrangel, a aggressive and popular cavalry commander who was decorated during WWI, found himself at the center of various intrigues as society collapsed under the rising tide of communism.
Narrowly escaping death at the hands of a Bolshevik terror squad, Wrangel joined the "White Army" of General Denikin. Wrangel was master of maneuver warfare and led his elite mobile force to victory over Red Army units many times it's size.
Despite Wrangel's warnings, Denikin's strategic mistakes during the March on Moscow caused the White Army to collapse. While others scrambled to save themselves, Wrangel accepted the burden of command over the last remnant of anti-communist forces.
Wrangel launched a brilliant counter-attack, retaking Crimea and the surrounding provinces from much larger Red Army units. There he staged a series of holding actions while rebuilding the shattered civil society and trying to gain international support.
With the Russian Army abandoned by its former allies and hopelessly outnumbered, Wrangel eventually led the orderly evacuation of 150,000 soldiers and civilians refugees. In exile, he continued his life of public service, uniting the White émigrés.
Wrangel's memoirs were first published in 1928, but fell out of print within a year. It was rereleased under the title "Always with Honor" in 1957, but this again quickly fell out-of-print. Used copies of Always with Honor were ultra-rare and prohibitively expensive.
We are proud to make affordable copies of this invaluable perspective on critical events in world history available to the public again. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LNH6BWB/ 
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