How you know when a fashion brand is greenwashing you ~thread~

1️⃣When they claim to be 100% sustainable.

Unless a fashion brand’s production process is regenerative - i.e. their product is carbon positive & gives back to the earth, they can’t be 100% sustainable.

This brand has now taken '100% sustainable' out of their Instagram bio btw, but I think it's useful to see the language & justifications brands often use when receiving comments/criticism regarding sustainability - this is part of my DM chat with them.

2️⃣When they use flowery language like ‘conscious’ and ‘considered’ without backing it up.

Brands often claim to be sustainable in their marketing, but fail to explain why, or make it very difficult for consumers to find out why - examples from Net-a-Porter.

3️⃣When they promote a recycled and/or organic collection, but:

🔺don’t account for the impact of their other collections
🔺shove it in your face to make you consume more
🔺don’t pay their garment workers living wages

4️⃣When they give you a discount for recycling your old clothes in-store.

They want to trick you into feeling like you’re passing on your clothes responsibly & get you to buy more of their stuff at the same time.

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