Question for Democrats: If you are 100% certain Trump is OBVIOUSLY a racist, how do you explain all the Black people who DON'T see it? Can there be that many Black people who don't recognize OBVIOUS racism?
The alternative hypothesis is that the media is capable of convincing most (but not all) of the public of any-damned-thing, and the left-leaning brainwashers decided to tell the public Trump is a racist. But what about all of the examples that prove their case, you ask?
Democrats don't have access to this information because the news is so siloed. But Republicans generally know the racism examples are fake news. The Fine People Hoax is the prime example. Half the country actually believes Trump called neo-Nazis "fine people." He did not.
Many believe Trump once took out a full-page ad in the NY Times saying the accused Central Park Five should be executed. But his ad was about violent crime in general, not that one. And why would you think Trump would oppose execution for white criminals in the same situation?
Most of the other "racism" complaints about Trump would be more accurately labelled provocative or offensive. Take the so-called "shithole countries" comment. Offensive? Sure. Racist? Not if you consider how provocatively Trump speaks about everything else.
I could run through the other examples, all fake or out of context. Or I could show you the compilation clip of Trump mocking lots of people using the same gestures he was accused of using to mock a reporter with a disability. Did you fall for that fake news?
I don't know how we climb out of our national division, but learning to not trust our own news sources has to be the starting place. The political Right is no better, by the way, but their brainwashing is on different topics.
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