Woke up thinking about all the times when I would do something complicated and thoughtful for a dude only to have him do something phoned in feeling and whine the whole time
A lot of the complicated, thoughtful things I would do *did* take less effort on my part than the phoned in thing the dude would do, but that’s only because of the years I’d spent honing that skill
Even something like sending a tit pic — I... I don’t think men comprehend the work women do to know our angles and figure out how to position ourselves to look flattering in a sext, and then they just toss off a blurry shot of a dick with trash in the shot and think it’s the same
And then you’re supposed to ooh and ahh over literal garbage lest you hurt their feelings
Last summer a dude I was seeing emailed me a dick pic as a “gift” without any warning or indication that I wanted this and it was just such a poorly shot photo and it felt like when your cat leaves a mouse corpse on your doorstep to take care of you
This thread isn’t just about dick pics but dick pics *are* the version of this phenomenon where things get super sensitive and annoying, with dudes thinking women just have it easy with our naturally sexy bodies and not realizing we’re trained from birth to self objectify
Women aren’t “naturally” better at anything than men, we just live in a society where we face stakes for failure that men do not
The other thing about that dude is there were so many things that I *did* want that I would explicitly ask for and he would whine about how much effort they took and never do them, all while ignoring the effort I put in for him, sigh.
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