No one really paid attention to the one-year anniversary of the 2019 election because no one is really happy about it. Except the separatists - they did well. Everyone else lost something. #cdnpoli
The Trudeau Liberals lost their majority.
Trudeau himself lost his reputation because of blackface.
The Conservatives lost their shot at power. Again.
Andrew Scheer lost against the weakest Liberal leader in a generation - proving he couldn’t even score on an open net.
The NDP lost a huge chunk of their caucus. Jagmeet Singh lost relevance.
The Greens lost after spending a fortune to win only one (1) seat. Elizabeth May lost all credibility and relevance as a result.
The People’s Party lost every single seat it contested. Every one. Maxine Bernier badly lost the seat that he had held, and his father had held.
The only party that won was the Bloc. They picked up lots of seats. They were legitimized by the result.
The only people who won anything in Canada’s 2019 federal general election, then, were the people who want to break Canada up.
And we think the Americans have problems.
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