An elderly couple stay in a nearby old age home. The local PHC team went & did rapid test for all.

Wife positive, husband negative & wife advised hospitalisation.

Called us, I know them since long now reassured them did RT PCR came negative.

Only follow up now!

Middle aged man fell off a ladder while changing light bulb in kitchen.

Has lot of pain in his leg & foot but scared to come to hospital. Called us & wants video consultation.

Reassured him sent ambulance & got him to hospital. X-ray shows fracture: cast applied

Old lady has both legs swollen has been finding it difficult to go about her normal routine. Her son is super scared to bring her to hospital, scared she will get Covid. He wants only video consultation for her. Did video chat found she was struggling to breathe
Reassured them, brought her to hospital, examined her & did full work up. The diagnosis was Congestive heart failure & managed accordingly.

She went back home after 4 days & is now on regular follow up.

He developed oral thrush & has lot of pain. Everyday morning brushing was excruciatingly painful & associated with bleeding. Did not visit hospital due to fear of Covid.

Multiple online consultations done with praxto & multiple mouthwash advised.

Called ACE, we advised him to visit us or see any real doctor near him, he reluctantly agreed & came.

We found that he was completely stressed, had developed both diabetes & depression. He was treated & now on path to recovery.

He had an accident in June and was informed that he has fracture of his femur(thigh Bone). Scared to be admitted in Hospital for few days on advise of a friend was treated by a traditional bone setter.

Bone setter put him on stick fixation, leaf concoction etc
By early September he had underwent multiple sittings with Bone setter & was poor by more than a lakh. He was brought to ACE by another friend who was operated here.

Orthopedician diagnosed non union & operated on him. Now he comes back walking for follow up.

Beware of quacks

Patient was 59 years old had asthma since she was a child and this early winter and unseasonal rain precipitated a very bad asthmatic attack. She was taken to nearby clinic where looking at the saturation of 88% was advised covid test. daughter called us & came

cont: with her mom to our hospital. She was sweating profusely & looked very tense yet smiled when she saw me. We treated her as a known patient with Asthma. She recovered completely by next day morning.

Sometimes it should be common sense over SOPs

An hypertensive patient stopped meeting doctors once Covid started. Got hooked to online Consultations.

Since 3 weeks his BP was not reducing despite treatment so he approached ACE.

Complete workup showed he had chronic renal failure

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