Except there are efforts on-going that I have no knowledge, now is the time to get all witnesses and survival of #LekkiMassacre to preserve their evidence.
Truth of what happened on 20/10/20 is easy to unravel, if organised #EndSars groups like SIAF & Feminist Coalition can do the needful. What's the needful?
1) Gather all witnesses' evidence, testimonies, and file a petition or petitions before the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry. The Panel was set up under the law and it is within its remit to investigate what happened
2) Get a team of lawyers to go work. Let the team be led by a SAN nuanced in human rights law and practice
3. By the judgment of the Supreme Court in Fawehinmi v Babaginda, only Lagos State can set up an Inquiry into the Lekki shootings.
4. The Judicial Panel of Inquiry has the power of subpoena- it can summon anybody connected to the shooting, including the Lagos Garrison Commander and COAS
5. If the needful is done, you'll see how the Judicial Panel of Inquiry and the government will be exposed for their sincerity or insincerity.

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