A random, meandering thread on leading defence tech & security company Qinetiq.

Here at the Atlantic Future Forum.
Qinetiq > Atlantic Future Forum:

"The UK is in the middle of an integrated defense review, initiated after Boris Johnson was elected prime minster. It was interrupted during the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak but appears to be running again." https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2020/10/20/the-us-and-uk-navies-prepare-to-sign-agreement-to-merge-their-tech-futures/
Qinetiq at MoD Shoeburyness, a military installation at Pig's Bay near Shoeburyness in Essex.
QinetiQ > Omni-ID Ltd (RFID chips) + Carlyle Group
The Carlyle Group has a number of interesting associations... but I digress... back to QinetiQ..
Omni-ID Ltd - The company is based on a research unit that was formed within QinetiQ.. funding provided by Cody Gate Ventures LLP..

'Stephen Lake will leave QinetiQ to become a managing p'tner of Cody Gate Ventures LLP, the investment manager of the new fund & will be joined in the managing p'tner role by Michael Summers, a former vice president of SRI International..'
#SRI #QinetiQ

QinetiQ > SRI International > Stanford Research > Disney

#CIA #RemoteViewing #OpenAgentArchitecture

Recently deceased billionaire Steve Bing's parents, Dr Peter Bing and wife Anna, had a nursery at Stanford - where SRI International is currently located

"Steve Bing's family, .., philanthropists, humanitarians & the Chandler Family.. " READ: https://archive.is/cMBZp 
" Bing’s mission was to provide a laboratory setting for research where faculty members and graduate students can conduct research in child development.."

QinetiQ > SRI International > Dr. Harold Puthoff > CIA/DIA-funded program STARGATE Project #UriGeller


Puthoff co-founded the company To the Stars with Tom DeLonge.

QinetiQ > SRI International > STARGATE > Remote Viewing and the miltary > Dr Puthoff > Institute of Noetic Sciences > Esalen Institute

#Rockefeller #Lockstep

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_viewing https://twitter.com/MonicaPerezShow/status/1252044703232487431
And just to finish off (4 now) the military connections to the woo woo crowd..

Try : 'The Body And Ritual Abuse: Comparing Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, Maria Abramovic's Method and MKULTRA' https://archive.is/DHdL2 

Back to Qinetiq at MoD Shoeburyness in Essex... The c2c trainline (Trenitalia c2c Limited) runs from Shoeburyness to Fenchurch in London.
Prior to Trenitalia c2c Ltd, that line was run by Richard Branson, Virgin Trains..

Sir Brian Souter of Stagecoach, owns 49% of Virgin Trains.
Apparently Virgin Trains manager 'jumped ship' to get on board with the new management at Trenitalia and First Group.. *wink wink*

..Remember we're watching a movie...

They are driving forward the HS2 project... driven by the UNECE.. #SustainableGoals

Richard Branson is already involved with a high speed train project in the US, Brightline.

See: "Brightline and Virgin Trains USA. After the trains you know that Branson will target the children, right?"

In Australia that high speed rail plan is known as the CLARA Plan.. oops,and Branson pops up there too


See:" Australian fires, the CLARA plan, Hyperloop and Richard Branson. A similar scenario to California?" https://archive.is/UBfl4 

Richard Branson's connections to the scam that is the green movement was highlighted in this thread.. 👇

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