Their mentions can’t be cleared with only emojis
If we really want to fill their mention with love then we need to be mature enough to know where to react or not.
Why all 3 fandoms have clashes with eo all the time. Because we aren’t just not ready to respect different opinions+
of each other. All 3 fandoms have 90% of genuine people,might have only 10% negative people. But unfortunately those 10% are holding enough power to create division b/w us. You know why?
Because we all give them that power to do so. They feed on our reactions. +
Because they know we are being affected by what they do or say, they will keep doing it. Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all. The less we respond to negativity more peaceful our TLs will become.

This thread is for all of us including myself. Time and again we end up blaming eo for the bad. We must learn from our mistakes. It’s high time. We are here only to love &support our idols, not to proof who is right or wrong. Are u with me?
#SidHearts #Shehnaazians #SidNaazians
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