Putting #Pakistan in its place has been a very significant achievement of PM @narendramodi. Every Govt in the past permitted the terror state to punch far above its weight. They started thinking they were equal to India. @PMOIndia has shown Pak where it stands in the world order. https://twitter.com/kakar_harsha/status/1319853972677521408
1. Pakistan is a state sponsor of terror
2. Pakistan is perpetually on the verge of bankruptcy.
3. Pak was surviving on doles received from Saudi Arabia/UAE.
4. Pak has now been reduced to being a vassal state of an expansionist #China.
5. No takers for Pak's only export: Terror
6. People in Pakistan don't have money for 2 square meals but Pak army Generals have huge properties in places like UK, US, Dubai & Australia
7. Prices of essentials are sky rocketing in Pak
8. Pak Deep State now stands exposed
9. Sharp Faultlines in Pak society are being exposed
10. @PMOIndia also deserves credit for making that Wagah mombatti Brigade inconsequential
11. The mushaira & professional Track II wallahs kept misleading Indians. Insisted on dialogue despite terror
12 #Surgicalstrikes & #Balakot bombing is the only language Pak army understands
13. It is not India's job to strengthen democracy in #Pakistan by turning a blind eye to lives of Indians lost in Pak state sponsored terror
14 There have been a large number of terror attacks in India when civilians were in power in Pakistan
15. Let Pak hold its army accountable
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