1/ @FoxNews stooped to an all new low tonight. People are dead. People have lost homes and livelihoods, including those actually fighting the fires. People are traumatized and feeling lost, helpless. #EastTroublesomeFire #CameronPeakFire #CalWoodFire #LefthandCanyonFire https://twitter.com/kyleclark/status/1319808775155601408
2/ people were literally running for their lives. Some were trapped. Firefighters,sheriff’s deputies risked their safety, driving through fire, to get people out. Yet @FoxNews apparently thinks it’s funny. #EastTroublesomeFire #CameronPeakFire #CalWoodFire #LefthandCanyonFire
3/ Perhaps @FoxNews would like to explain, and then provide REAL help. Coloradans deserve better. We deserve respect and appreciation. We do NOT deserve to be mocked and belittled. Grow up and be kind.
#EastTroublesomeFire #CameronPeakFire #CalWoodFire #LefthandCanyonFire
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